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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering
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specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> hello, your watching "gmt." our top stories, in a few hour'' time, barack obama will be sworn in for his second term as u.s. president. he made history last time around. will he live up to the promise of change? we will be asking what he will do differently over the next four years. >> live in washington, in the middle of tight security the stage is set for the president to set out his priorities and vision for the next four years.
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>> the trial five men accused of gang raping a student begins in delhi. her father tells the bbc that even in death his daughter has left a clear message. >> you should stand up for yourself. do not suffer injustice. >> the aftermath of the algerian hostage crisis. up to 20 hostages remain unaccounted for. also in the program a shocking report on the effect of recession. >> girls dropping out of schools, girls' eating less, child marriages on the rise, i am taking a look at how girls and women have been harder hit by the global economic downturn.
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>> it is 12:00 noon in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, where barack obama will be publicly sworn in for his second term as u.s. president in a few hours' time. hundreds of thousands are expected. the mood of optimism and hope that marked the president's historic inauguration four years ago has given way to more realistic expectations of what he can achieve now. let's get more from john in washington. >> thank you, welcome to an icy cold washington, where you can see don breaking behind us. the barack obama position in history is guaranteed. that was a short four years ago when he became the first african-american president. but his legacy will be shaped by what he does over the next four
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years. so, what can we expect from a second term obama? let's get this report from our washington correspondent, ben wright. >> a face familiar, but still inspiring to his supporters. for them, today will be a time to celebrate and remember. not every president gets his second term, but now barack obama begins four more years in the white house. washington has been preparing itself for days. security is incredibly tight. roads have been closed and cleared to make way for the presidential parade. >> the excitement is fantastic, the atmosphere is fantastic. >> we are a country of strong people and good people. obama has the ability to bring the best in all of us. >> i think we should still
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celebrate. >> the first inauguration of america's first black president was extraordinary. four years ago nearly 2 million people braved the cold and squeezed into the mall. there will be fewer today. here on the steps of the capital president obama will address the crowd. a timeless ceremony with contemporary touches. the national anthem will be sung by beyonce. this year's prime for a party and several hundred thousand people from across the united states have traveled here to be a part of it. the inauguration is a celebration of american democracy. a moment for their president to inspire, unite, and speak to his foes and fans. >> president obama leads a politically divided nation. the issues that he will tackle
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are contentious. today will be an extravagant party, but tough battles lie ahead. >> let's go to my colleague, who is in among the crowd, where hundreds of thousands of gathered to listen to the president. >> as you can see, dawn is breaking and there are literally hundreds of cameras arranged behind me, here to record this second historic inauguration of barack obama. hundreds of thousands of people flocking in. but amongst those who will be here today, thank you so much for coming. tell me, what made you want to be here in this freezing cold? >> i missed the first one and i was determined that i would not miss this one. >> what made you want to be here to witness it in person?
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>> the thought of being able to be at this inauguration ceremony and say that i was there. that is what made me do it. >> how much does it mean to you as an african-american, barack obama having a second term? >> this is more than history. the first one was history, but to have an african-american president reelected? it says something about our country. >> what do you hope the president will achieve in his second term? >> the lot more cooperation. not just from his constituents, but from people in general. >> this nation is very divided, is it not? how will the president overcome that? >> by being himself, by being as compassionate as he is. our president keeps it real. we do not have a fake president,
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we have a real president. >> what is it about today? >> taking pictures for memories. >> thank you for joining us. one of those hundreds of thousands of people here, so excited to be here for this inauguration. >> fantastic, laura. thank you very much. with me now, the time magazine foreign affairs correspondent. thank you so much for being with us. a fabulous morning, the stage is set. where does it go from here for barack obama? >> there is a lot of speculation about how positive or negative he will use this speech. the last speech was very positive, lots of hope and dreams. things have changed. in his last news conference of last week he was really negative, going harsh against republicans, saying that they were holding the debt ceiling
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hostage. there was a threat implicitly from his speech writers that he would use this platform to again go-against republicans. >> would that not be rather unusual? is this not where he transcends the dogfight and becomes the dignified head of state? >> presidents have used it in the past to further their agendas. keep in mind that we have the state of the union speech, saving his harsher attacks for that speech, talking about his vision for the country for the next four years. >> do you think that that will be determined and preoccupied by domestic events? or do you think he will be looking to secure the legacy with a big gesture movement on middle east peace, for example? >> absolutely, the stereotype of
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second term presidents is that they will go for middle east peace. this president is no exception. he laid the groundwork for that with mohammed morsi a few weeks ago. every indication from the white house is that they will be trying to work on iran and the crisis brewing there. also the crises in syria and somalia. there are tons of places where they realize they have to look out words. >> what about these problems? gun-control, which has thrown itself back onto the agenda with that terrible shooting report christmas. the congressional fight will be tough. >> there is a reason there has been next to no gun reform in almost 20 years. it is so hard to get anything through congress in terms of gun control. really, i think that these
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executive actions might be the only thing that he can do. >> you think of the great abraham lincoln binding the nation's wounds, nothing to fear but fear itself, jfk, etc., etc.. will he be looking for that sound bite? >> they always do, but it is always the thing that never expect. for example, from jfk was his motto, something he'd turned into for the country. it is not the kind of phrase did you expect come back later. >> think you ever so much. george, back to you in london. >> thank you very much. we have special coverage of the inauguration here, make sure you tune in to our program, which begins at 1600 gmt today. time to catch up on the world of business.
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i know you have the shocking story of the effect of recession on women. we are now talking about the economic challenges that obama faces. >> remember the fiscal cliff? i know that you do not like the term. turning into a fiscal fumble for president obama? has to get congress to agree on raising the cost of borrowing for the u.s. and how much they can sit on in terms of debts. on top of that, $150 billion in cuts from the u.s. budget. let me explain more there. hello, in preparation for getting under way for the barack obama second inauguration, he is facing some very big challenges ahead of him. the economy is growing, but things look pretty fragile. you may remember, early january,
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congress reached a last-minute deal to avoid automatic tax increases. that relief was only temporary. harsh spending cuts go into effect in march unless there is another deal. america will hit their borrowing limit at that time. congress cannot reach -- if congress cannot reach an agreement, consequences are severe. experts say that america faces a budget crisis like no other unless politicians can agree on those spending cuts and the increase in borrowing. >> he really is confronted with and will be preoccupied for the next several months with this huge fiscal problems in the united states. projections of deficits that are enormous and a clear disagreement between the president's and members of his party and the republicans in congress over what to do with it. >> let's talk about this shocking report that we have both been mentioning.
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the global economic downturn has hit women and girls the hardest. many households have coped with the economic pressure of the last few years by taking their children, their girls, of the school to help at home. the number of girl babies dying as a result of the downturn has risen five times faster than the proportion of playboys. child marriages are on the rise. industry experts say that many of these factors are hurting the chances of women getting a job. >> young girls, young women tend to be particularly disadvantaged in the labour markets in these times of crisis. for example in greece, two- thirds of young girls are unemployed, currently. that is compared to just 45% for
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young men, so there is obviously a real crisis for young women. >> that is it with the business. you can see this report is global, not just countries throughout asia and africa, it is happening in the west as well. >> you have fiscal cliff, fiscal tumble, what is next? >> it fiscal tumble? we hope it does not tumble. >> thank you, george. stay with us. plenty more to come. my daughter is gone, but has left behind a message -- we need the mother of woman who was gang raped in -- the words from the mother of the woman who was gang raped in delhi. check with your airline or train company before you set off or consider scrapping on your skis. snow and cold temperatures are
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setting off widespread disruption. although the moscow airport has carried on operating as normal. >> slowdown in progress. the conditions are horrific. back-and-forth to clear the runways, but hundreds of flights have been canceled. there is misery and disappointment at charles de gaulle as well. >> my flight was canceled. i want to buy tickets. the nearest flights are from france. >> the roads are treacherous and accidents have already happened. at the brussels airport, clearing the runways is a priority.
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>> you cannot use salt at an airport because there is risk of it corroding the airplanes. so, we are forced to use machines. >> hundreds of passengers faced delays in frankfurt. but at least 130 flights were canceled their. in heathrow heavy snow and low visibility white 250 flights of the departures board. passengers have been forced to camp out in the terminal in the hopes of getting on an airplane eventually. the forecast will not do much to cheer them up either. more snow expected on monday, likely to mean more delays and misery. >> our top story at this hour, barack obama prepares to be publicly sworn in for his second
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term. with the trial of five men accused of the gang rape and murder of a student in delhi, the victim's father has told the bbc that those accused of the crime should face the death penalty. the student was brutally assaulted on board a bus last month in an attack that has highlighted the treatment of women in india. the bbc has not identified the victim or her family. here is what the father told our correspondent in delhi. >> it is very important that a crime like this never happens again. for this, the laws of the constitution should be changed. the women in our country must feel safe. >> some politicians and a well- known public figures have said things since the death of your daughter, that she was
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responsible, that women in india when they are raped, it is their fault. what do you say to things like that? >> people can say what they like. i know that my daughter was a good person. she did not do anything wrong. politicians are hungry for power, this is probably why they say these things. what can i do about it? >> do you think that those kinds of attitudes are still very strong, even among people that you know? do you think that has changed? >> the character of our society is very poor. things need to change. even the government cannot do it alone. change can only happen if everyone works together. >> what do you think needs to change in india in the way that
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men treat women? >> men do try to dominate women. this should not happen. they should remember that they also have mothers and sisters. when they harassed a woman, they should remember that she could also be their relative. i just want to say that although my daughter is gone, she left behind a message, stand up for yourself. do not suffer in justice. do not lose, you must win, even if you have to die for it. >> strong words there. alexander was talking to the father of the daughter of the one who was gang raped in india. the trial itself has been adjourned and we have this update from outside the court. >> this is where the trial of
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the five main suspects is taking case. a special fast-track court set up exclusively to deal with these kinds of cases. the prosecution says they want to move the case through swiftly and that there is enough evidence to convict all five of the accused. defense lawyers say that they plan to challenge the prosecution every step of the way. there is a request for the trials to be moved and -- because of the intense public scrutiny, which means that his clients cannot possibly receive a fair trial. the supreme court is expected to hear that petition of the next day. this is a case that has captured the public's attention, but it is not just the actual case, it has drawn attention to the way the indians treat women.
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they have been protesting here almost every day. a short time ago outside this court a small protest of place with many saying it was not enough just to enforce the laws that existed, they wanted a public campaign to change the mindset of the way the indians treat women. >> 3 afghan police officers have been killed together with five insurgents in an attack on a police building in kabul. troops spent several hours fighting to take back the building after it was stormed by heavily armed insurgents. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. chilling details are emerging about the siege in the sahara that came to a bloody end on saturday when the algerians to a facility that was held. the exact numbers are not clear, but at least 48 hostages are thought to have died. the prime minister is expected
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to hold a news conference in about an hour and we will bring you the latest as we get it. >> the debris of a ferocious fight, they dealt with militants in their accustomed way. they say that if they had not acted, the complex could have been blown up and the hostages were already been killed. in searching the site, they found more bodies. it looks as though 80 people were killed in the crisis. 48 of the dead or hostages from the philippines, the u.k., columbia, canada, and the u.s.. 20 hostages were still unaccounted for. the lucky survivors have left the remote desert and been flown home. north african islamic militancy has been moved to the top western politician priority
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lists. the british foreign secretary pointed to somalia as a possible model for action. >> strong african forces engaged in fighting terrorist organizations, funded by the european union's, but the african forces do the actual fighting and maneuvering. strong humanitarian and diplomatic support from the rest of the world, the region and the world. >> the man who has claimed to be behind the kidnapping, his group has threatened to carry out more attacks unless western powers put an end to what they call an assault on muslims. the algerian army has put on display the arms and ammunition allegedly found there. if this is the militant arsenal, the question of what is needed now to garvey's valuable facilities is becoming even more urgent.
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>> the latest james bond movie set the record for the highest grossing movie of all time in the u.k. opened in china, but he has fallen victim it seems to an unlikely foe, the chinese border censorship. >> it is probably no coincidence that the shanghai iconic sky line features so i -- so prominently in sky fall. but access to chinese audiences is not easy and comes with strings attached. sky fall is the latest of a long line of stock -- a foreign films to have been cut by censors. when a man should said the chinese security guard, that scene has been removed. chinese cinema goers will see this scene with subtitles that
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obscure the reference to torture by chinese security services. the changes may appear relatively trivial, which only highlights the level of scrutiny. these sensors see themselves acting as guardians of public morality and politics. shielding audiences from anything that could cast the rulers in a bad light. >> it does not bother me. it is just an action movie. >> of course it makes a difference. this man disagrees. i would be proud of that line about our security service was kept in. >> that mention of prostitution has been removed from the cinema version. but this pirated dvd copy of the
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full movie is widely available, as in other areas of chinese life, technology and commerce are blunting the scissors of the centers -- of the sensors. >> they with us, there is plenty more to come on "gmt." >> make sense of international news at >> funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> at union bank, our
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